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Fireproof PVC Decking

Product Description

For the truly discerning homeowner Cellular PVC Vinyl Decking offers all of the advantages of composite decking, with none of the drawbacks. Cost is similar between the two solutions, and vinyl decking from manufactures like Seven Trust can replicate tropical hardwood decking without the worry of staining, splintering or maintenance.
Because the deck boards are made of 100% cellular PVC, none of the potential problems exist as with products that are solid wood decking or wood composite decking.Vinyl decking can be installed with a hidden fastener system, and is the perfect choice for pool decking and marine decking, as the absence of wood means no swelling, rot, or mold. For looks and durability, cellular PVC or Vinyl Decking can't be beat, and Carl's can show you how it can enhance your next decking project.

Product specifications

Material:PVC(PVC Vinyl)
Size:146x23mm, 140x23mm, 140x25mm, 145x25mm, 100x20.5mm,105x18mm
Length:2.2m, 2.9m,and 5.8m or customized
Usage:In city construction and environment layout, widely used for outdoor decking floor,Wall panel.railing,fence,bridge,dock,gloriette,gazebo,boardwalk,etc
Color:Mainly gray, brown, color can be customized

Product Features

1. Environmental friendly, recyclable
2. Natural wood appearance, but less timber problems
3. Low maintenance, easy installation. Just using the adhesive
4. Safe for bare feet. No cracking, warping and splitting
5. Dimension stability against moisture and temperature
6. Have high degree of UV and color stability
7. Well done of termites, insects and moldy-proof
8. High waterproofing, fireproofing, low endothermic nature
9. Light weight, but reasonable structure, so not easier to crack

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