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Conscience and the Constitution.A PBS documentary on the resistance of a few Japanese-Americans who refused to fight for a country that took their birthrights away until they were fully restored.

Castle Coalition.Supports resistance of the taking of land by the government through eminent domain statutes. Includes guidelines on how to proceed with a dispute and information about what to expect.

Drought Resistance in the Home Landscape.Ohio State Extension service bulletin offers a list of drought-tolerant plants, tips on mulching to increase tolerance, and irrigation set-ups.

Zyflex.Offers outdoor, sports, working out apparel, for both winter and moisture management clothing.

Interval Training Exercises.Learn about interval training and resistance training. Posts about how it can help you and the science behind the techniques.

Western Environmental Liner Co..Custom fabricated liners for all industry types, from high temp and chemical resistance to potable water linings. Liners for tanks, pits, ponds, covers, poultry, animal waste, water, acids, concrete, hay, trucks, and more.

Gnutti Virginio Spa.Italian producer of burners and accessories for gas cookers, valves, taps and fittings for air, water and gas, and fittings for electrical resistance. In Italian and English.

Male Face.Selling easy, quick, rejuvenating skin care products for men. Includes face scrub, shaving cream, moisture cream, and Face Fixer for shaving nicks and cuts. Includes information about ingredients, skin care tips, and affiliate opportunities.

Agricultural Research Service, USDA.Provides animal and agriculture research reports and articles. Topics include improvement, manure, waste, environment, food, genetics, germplasm, gamete, growth, hydrology, disease resistance, instrumentation, parasites, and sustainable agriculture.

Growing Home Garden Tomatoes.Offers audio and pictorial comparison of many different varieties, info on diseases, resistance and pests, preparing the growing area, avoiding common problems, staking, weed control and more.

International Action Center.Provides updates on militarism and war, and national and international calls for activism and resistance.

Sircuit Cosmeceuticals.Offering a new line of skincare products designed to combat the visible effects of aging by restoring and maintaining the moisture balance in your skin using chiral technology.

Air & Moisture Testing.Provides both radon testing and radon mitigation services throughout their North and South Carolina service area: Spartanburg, Greenville, Asheville, Greer, Hendersonville, Easley, Simpsonville, Taylors, Inman, Candler, and Piedmont.

Connecticut Basement Systems.A responsible basement waterproofing, cl space moisture control, and foundation repair contractor in Connecticut and Westchester County, NY.

Gloves in a Bottle.100% hypoallergenic, non-toxic dry skin lotion that keeps out moisture-robbing irritants while retaining skin's own natural oils and moisture. Includes uses and testimonials.

D.A.R.E. (U.K.).Drug Abuse Resistance Education. Established curriculum to help children deal with drugs and violence. Includes news, parent's guides, drug info.

When Antibiotics Quit Working.Explains how and why bacteria become resistant to antibiotics, why resistance is dangerous, and what we can do to prevent its development.

Expediant Environmental Solutions.Full-service mold, moisture, and pest control company serving New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and parts of Massachusetts.

ATensys Welding Systems.German manufacturer of resistance welding equipment and microwelders. News, products, and examples. In German, English and French.

Nutrition 21.Provides information on the benefits of chromium picolinate in the maintenance and prevention of insulin resistance. Also describes the companies current and future research on nutritional supplements targeting the diabetes marketplace.

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