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Painting and Photography.Some notes on the love-hate relationship between photographers, especially the early black and white photographers, and painting.

Sebastio Salgado.Brazilian documentary photographer offers a gallery of black and white photographs, his biography, and project information.

Star House.A themed guest house based on black and white movies. Contains photographs, prices, services, directions, tourist information and a booking form. Located in Lewisham, London.

Paul Politis Black and White Photography.Black and white photographs classified by subject, with some remarks on the photographer and the technique.

Black and White Obsessions.Black and white photography portfolio by Martin Klima. Street photographs, urban scenes and landscapes.

Darkphoto.net.Erlend A. B. Mork's photographs, mostly on dark subjects and mostly in black and white.

Terry Lee Photography.Black and white photographs of people and places. Also has a statement. Sells prints.

Glauca Rossi.School of makeup and the black and white collection. Features a course outline, terms, fees and contact details. Located in London, UK.

Chicago Murder Sites.Harlan Wallach's black and white photographs of Chicago murder sites, with the accompanying newspaper reports.

Photography by Baciar.A Dutch photographer uses black and white photography to explore the interface between form and identity.

Pear Tree Farm.Traditional 17th Century black and white and stone-built farmhouse offering bed and breakfast accommodations with rooms, rates, and reservation information. Located in Wigmore, Herefordshire, England.

Steffen Jahn.German photographer. Portfolio of car, still life, landscape and black and white photos.

Maps of Vietnamese History.Black and white TIFF image maps of historical and statistical information.

Jerry Gay.Pulitzer Prize winning black and white photographer. Photo essays, biography, philosophy, magazine, and the book.

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